Class X8Workload

This class is used to add a workload to the organizational hierarchy, Each workload is added under WorkloadsOU and for each one it will create DeploymentOU with an DeploymentAccount, DevelopmentOU with Development and Staging Account and ProductionOU with Production Account.

It will perform the following tasks.

  1. It will create a WorkloadOU.
  2. It will create DeploymentOU and Deployment account under the OU.
  3. It will create DevelopmentOU and Development account under the OU.
  4. It will create ProductionOU and Production account under the OU.
  5. It will create a DevGroup for that workload
  6. It will assign admin access to Dev and Staging accounts
  7. It will assign view only access to Prod accounts.

Default Alarms


Default Usage

new X8Workload(this, "LogicalId", {
x8WorkloadName: 'UserApp',
x8DataClassification: X8DataClassification.CONFIDENTIAL,
x8AdminAccess: props.adminPermissions,
x8ViewOnlyAccess: props.viewonlyPermissions,
x8WorkloadsOU: props.workloadsOU


It addresses the following compliance requirements


  • Construct
    • X8Workload



deploymentOU: OrganizationalUnit

DeploymentOU for CI/CD accounts

developmentOU: OrganizationalUnit

DevelopmentOU used for development account specific to that application

productionOU: OrganizationalUnit

ProductionOU used for production account specific to that application

workloadOU: OrganizationalUnit

WorkloadOU for the application

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