Class X8ManagementAccountSetup

Construct to set up management account. Best practice recommendation is to use management account for all the management related tasks and have a separate member account for each of your application. This construct also creates SNS Topic for sending billing alarms

Default Configuration

Billing Alarm $100 threshold SNS Topic for Alarm notification

Default Alarms

  1. Billing alarm
    • Risk Level: Medium
    • Well Architected Pillar: Operational Excellence

Note that the default alarm uses the WaAlarm construct, which sets up an alarm action to notify the SNS Topic AlarmEventsTopic by default.


Default Usage

new X8ManagementAccountSetup(this, "LogicalId", {
x8ManagementAccountEmail: ''

Custom Configuration

new X8ManagementAccountSetup(this, "LogicalId", {
x8ManagementAccountEmail: '',
x8BillingAlarmThreshold: 500


It addresses the following compliance requirements


  • Construct
    • X8ManagementAccountSetup



snsAlarmTopic: WaTopic


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