Class X8AccountSetup

Construct to set up member account. Best practice recommendation is to use a separate member account for each of your microservice application e.g If you have two microservices one for UserManagement and another for BankAccountManagement each one should be run in their own AWS member account.

Default Configuration

Access Logs Bucket Billing Alarm SNS Topic for Alarm notification

Default Alarms

  1. Billing alarm
    • Risk Level: Medium
    • Well Architected Pillar: Operational Excellence

Note that the default alarm uses the WaAlarm construct, which sets up an alarm action to notify the SNS Topic AlarmEventsTopic by default.


Default Usage

new X8AccountSetup(this, "LogicalId", {
x8AlarmEmailAddresses: ['']

Custom Configuration

new X8AccountSetup(this, "LogicalId", {
x8AlarmEmailAddresses: [''],
x8BillingAlarmThreshold: 500


It addresses the following compliance requirements


  • Construct
    • X8AccountSetup



accessLogsBucket: WaBucket

Shared access logs bucket for that account

snsAlarmTopic: WaTopic

SNS Topic for sending alarm notifications


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